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At the end of the 7 year tribulation Jesus returns to Earth (Revelation 19:11-13). The evil forces of this world attempt to stop the coming of his kingdom at the Battle of Armageddon (Revelation 19:19-21) but fail. He sets up his 1,000 year kingdom (Daniel 2:44-45, Daniel 7:13-14, Micah 5:2-5, Jeremiah 23:5-8, Jeremiah 31:31-40, Matthew 25:31-46) often referred to as the millennium kingdom. Daniel 12:11-12 tells us that 1335 days pass from the time the daily sacrifice is taken away, which we know from Daniel 11:36 happens during the middle of the Tribulation, until the time the Millenium Kingdom is started. This leaves 75 days where destruction can be cleaned up, people gathered (Ezekiel 20:33-38), the temple readied and judgement of the survivors (Matthew 25:31-46) . During the Millenium Kingdom Satan is locked away in the bottomless pit (Revelation 20:2-3). This prevents Satan's deception of the nations. Unlike today when Satan continues to deceive nations and leaders of nations (1 Peter 5:8 and Ephesians 2:2). Those martyred for Christ in the great tribulation along with OT and NT believers will reign with Jesus in their glorified bodies (Revelation 20:4, 1 Corinthians 6:2, 2 Timothy 2:12, Romans 8:17, Matthew 19:28, Matthew 25: 21, Matthew 27:52-53, Daniel 12:1-3). Believers that survived the tribulation will be in the mortal bodies.

What Will It Be Like

Starting out the millennium will only contain believers (Matthew 25:31-46). As Revelation 20:5 states the rest of the dead (unbelievers) will not live until the 1,000 years are finished. Once a year people will travel to Jerusalem to worship Jesus (Zechariah 14:16). There will be a temple during the millennium and sacrifices will take place (Ezekiel 40–48, Isaiah 56:7, Isaiah 60:7,  Jeremiah 33:17-18, Zechariah 14:19-21). Some object to the idea of sacrifices but Ezekiel is very detailed and if they were just symbols no description is ever given. It is a common mistake that people think that in the Old Testament sacrifices took away sins. Hebrews 10:1-4 makes it clear that this wasn't the case. Salvation has always been through faith (Hebrews 11). Instead the purpose of the sacrifices are probably done as a memorial (Exodus 30:16; Leviticus 2:2, 9; 5:12; 6:15;24:7; Numbers 5:15, 18, 26) just as the Lord's Supper is a memorial that churches currently observe. Some also believe the sacrifices will act as a way of cleansing the temple.

The world will be very different to what what we know today. There will be extended life during the 1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ (Isaiah 65:18-25). A person that lives to only 100 will be considered young. Also, there will be no more war under the righteous leadership (Isaiah 2:1-4,  Micah 4:1-8). Things will be so peaceful that wolves will dwell with lambs, little children will lead lions and nursing children will play in asp holes (Isaiah 11). Animals and man will once again be vegetarians (Isaiah 65:25). The land will be fruitful (Isaiah 35:1-7). The Millenium will be a glimpse of how the original garden of Eden was like before sin tainted the world. Even more importantly it will be the fulfillment of promises given to Abraham (Genesis 15:18) and Jesus (Luke 1:32-33).

How It Will End

At the end of 1,000 years Satan will be released (Revelation 20:7). Even though only believers started out in the millennium kingdom those believers from the tribulation who still have mortal bodies will have children. The believers with glorified bodies will not marry (Luke 30:34-38). Not all the children will become believers even though they are complacent to Jesus' leadership. These are the ones that Satan recruits for his final war with Jesus. Although Gog and Magog are mentioned (Revelation 20:8) this is the not the same war mentioned in Ezekiel 37-38 which takes place during the Tribulation. After Satan is defeated he is cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are already (Revelation 20:10). Here they are tormented for eternity. He is far from being a ruler in hell as sometimes portrayed in books and TV.

After Satan is cast into the lake of fire and brimstone there is the white throne judgement (Revelation 20:11-15). This judgement is only for unbelievers unlike the judgement seat of Christ. The judgement seat of Christ takes place right after the rapture and is only for believers where they will be judged for the works they have done and awarded crowns (Romans 14:10, 2 Corinthians 5:10). The unbelievers during the white throne judgement will be judged by their works. Since nobody's works can save them they will be condemned (Romans 3:12, Isaiah 64:6, Ephesians 2:8-9). They and hell will be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone with Satan, the beast and the false prophet. After all of this is finished there will be a new heaven and a new earth (Revelation 21:1, 2 Peter 3:7, 2 Peter 3:10, Isaiah 51:6, Hebrews 1:10-12, Isaiah 34:4 Psalms 102:25-26, Isaiah 13:13) which will be discussed in a future article.

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