Monday, October 29, 2012

Print Page Micah 5:2 - Bethlehem Ephratah

One of the greatest proofs that the Bible is true is it's countless prophecies. Many of these prophecies have been fulfilled many years after they were given. They are extremely accurate unlike the prophecies of people such as Nostradamus. The prophecy we'll talk about in this article is the prophecy of Jesus being born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2, Luke 2:4-7), a prophecy given more than 500 years before it was fulfilled.

We know this prophecy is about Jesus because that is what Matthew 2:5-6 states. There were 2 villages with the name of Bethlehem which means house of bread. This Bethlehem is located about 8 miles outside of Jerusalem. The other Bethlehem was in Zebulun. Bethlehem Ephratah was a small village at the time. It was also the birth place of King David (1 Samuel 17:12). The reason Joseph and Mary were there was because of a decree from  Caesar Augustus which called for everyone to be taxed (Luke 2:1-3).

What a wonderful God we have. He has given us his perfect Word that is without error. The evidence is overwhelming that is Word is true but fallen men will continue to reject it. Never take the Bible for granted and cherish it daily.

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