Thursday, February 16, 2012

Print Page When Did the Church Really Start?

Today I will continue writing on the topic of churches. Many seminaries and books teach that the first church started at Pentecost. This in spite that there is not one verse that states this or even implies it! For starters at Pentecost the church was added to. You can't add to something that didn't already exist (Acts 2:41). In Matthew 18:17 church discipline is described by Jesus. In Matthew 16:18 Jesus tells us how he was going to continue to build his church which he already started.

You may ask "Why does it matter?". There are several reasons why knowing when the first church started matters. First of all the church ordinances of the Lord's Supper and Baptism were started before Pentecost and even before the crucifixion. Therefore those ordinances wouldn't be for churches if they were established before the church age. Second, the commission to go and make disciples was done before Pentecost. There are other reasons but I want to just give a brief summary of this Biblical Baptist view. Josh Davenport has a more detailed article that you can read here.

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